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In addition to being an author, Mark regularly performs in central Ohio as a singer/guitarist with his bands RMT and Shucking Bubba Acoustic.

"April" Music Video

Here's a few words of explanation about this video. Mark wrote "April" in 1984, when he was a 19 year-old student at The Ohio State University. (The song's lyrics are very reflective of how well he was doing as a college student at the time!) His band Streamliner played and recorded the song, and they regularly performed it live at their shows during the 1980s and early 1990s.

Fast forward to the present day - Mark has continued to work as a singer/guitarist with his bands RMT and Shucking Bubba Acoustic, and he and his wife have three grown-up children. One of those children, Keaton, has a keen interest in computer animation, and he decided to make a music video for "April." That video is what you are watching now. The 19 year-old kid who wrote this song could never have envisioned all of the wonderful things that life had in store for him - and this charming, wildly imaginative video is definitely one of them! (He certainly wouldn't have guessed that an animated version of himself would be starring in a music video made by one of his own kids for one of his own songs!)

Now, about the band’s name. As a lifelong railfan, Mark named the band Streamliner in honor of his favorite locomotive, the famed Norfolk and Western Railway streamlined steam engine number 611. (And very appropriately, the 611 makes a glorious appearance in Keaton's video!) A few years ago, Mark made a collection of Streamliner's music available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and YouTube. Since there had been a number of other bands called Streamliner over the years, he gave the band the name Ohio Streamliner in order to differentiate the group from those other “Streamliners” out there!

OK, that's enough explanation - please enjoy the Ohio Streamliner song "April," presented to you through the creative mind of Keaton Reinhart.

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