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The Book of Zines

Mark's short essay "Train Chaser" about his lifelong love of trains, and especially his love for the Norfolk and Western streamlined steam locomotive number 611, can be found in the 1997 Henry Holt and Company book The Book of Zines: Readings from the Fringe. The book can be ordered through Amazon.

Batman: Watching Over Gotham

A number of years ago, Mark became fascinated with the idea of being able to create his own screen interpretation of Batman. So he decided to make his own Batman film with his sons Taylor and Keaton. The result of their efforts was a three-and-a-half minute video called Batman: Watching over Gotham that was inspired by Mark's all-time favorite Batman work, the 1999 oversize graphic novel Batman: War on Crime by Paul Dini and Alex Ross.

The majority of Batman fan films that have been produced over the years can best be described as "amateurish", and Mark freely admits that his little film fits that description as well. Still, it was great fun for him to prowl the rooftops of Columbus, Ohio late at night dressed as Batman while making the movie. (Of course, given Mark's lifelong Batman obsession, you know that he just had to play the part in his own Batman film!)


Mark's interests that he has been writing about over the years have also inspired him to be a bit of a photographer every now and again. Here are some of his favorite photos he has taken relating to those interests.

611 and 475 at Strasburg.JPG


611 and 475 at Strasburg


611 at Strasburg

611 at Strasburg.JPG
611 on Linden Hill.JPG


611 on Linden Hill


475 at Strasburg

475 at Strasburg.JPG
Hocking Valley Number 3.JPG


Hocking Valley 3


Bat Signal

Bat Signal.jpg
A Glimpse of the Batman.JPG


A Glimpse of the Batman


Madame Tussauds Lincoln

Madame Tussauds Lincoln.JPG
Columbus Remembers Lincoln.JPG


Columbus Remembers Lincoln


Monkees in Lakewood

Monkees in Lakewood (2).JPG
Monkees in Columbus.JPG


Monkees in Columbus


Monkees in Cleveland

Monkees in Cleveland.jpg
Chet Atkins Statue.JPG


Chet Atkins Statue


My Three Gretsch Guitars

My Three Gretsch Guitars.JPG
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